Profiles made of natural fibers

Composite profiles can be used in any form, allowing them to be adapted to specific design needs. Natural fiber profiles are reinforced with jute, linen or bamboo, while maintaining increased durability in heavy use. They are used in automotive, aviation, sports and in the production of decorative items.
Natural fiber profiles are cheaper than these synthetic ones, and they also have ecological character, which at present is an important asset of many products. Composite profiles of flax fiber and other natural materials also have a low specific gravity and an attractive appearance. As an added benefit of such composite profiles, the renewability of natural fibers and their widespread availability can be mentioned.

Fiberglass profiles

Fiberglass profiles produced in pultrusion process are distinguished by aesthetic appearance and excellent mechanical properties. Thanks to their increased strength, they are perfect in most application. Fiber profiles are made of epoxy, polyester, polyurethane or vinyl ester resin, thus gaining the desired parameters.
Nanofiber fiberglass profiles are the perfect combination of excellent mechanical performance with lightness and durability. The resulting elements are also completely corrosion resistant. This makes the fiber profiles perfect solution replacing the metal parts of the structure, with a longer life span.

Carbon fiber profiles

Carbon fiber among many other materials used to reinforce profiles, is characterized by the best mechanical parameters and at the same time the highest strength. Thanks to this, the carbon fiber profiles produced by the pultrusion method are recommended for those constructions that require high properties in difficult operating conditions.
Nanofiber carbon fiber profiles are manufactured using several types to allow for the best, most optimal physical parameters. Carbon fiber is exceptionally light, 9 times stronger than steel, has low thermal expansion, exceptional fatigue strength and excellent conductivity. Its application guarantees exceptional strength of the profile.

Flax and jute fiber profiles

Jute fiber is one of the types of natural fibers used in the formation of continuous profiles made in pultrusion process. The unique advantages of this material include high mechanical strength comparable to glass and carbon fiber. The porous structure of jute fiber promotes resin impregnation during the production of reinforced profiles. Contrary to glass fiber and carbon fiber, it is ecologically and biodegradable.

Jute fiber is lightweight, so it is perfect for the aerospace and automotive industries as well as for drones, decorative elements and sports. Among the advantages are the relatively easy accessibility and renewability. Lower price compared to other fibers is also additional benefit.


The production process involves pulling resin-impregnated fibers and mats through a heated mold. For the production of profiles in pultrusion we use resins:

  • polyester
  • epoxy
  • polyurethane
  • vinyloestrowych

For the production of pultrusion the following fiber may be used:

  • glass
  • basalt
  • carbon
  • aramid
  • natural (jute, wool, bamboo)

Pultrusion is one of the oldest methods of producing plastics reinforced product with long thermoplastic fibers. It allows the creation of profiles of different strengths, by using different complementary materials. Pultrusion involves the introduction of suitable materials such as resins, mats or fibers into the heated form of the composition. By using a special puller, the whole is pulled to the cutting device.

Epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester resins can be reinforced with glass, basalt, carbon, aramid and natural fibers such as jute, bamboo or wool. Cultivation allows the creation of closed and full open profiles, which can be used in construction, sports, electrical engineering and aviation industry.


Nanofiber profiles and rods can be used in applications such as:
  • electrical insulators
  • reinforcement of concrete
  • road and bridge construction
  • electric shepherd
  • trunks for animal breeding
  • railway applications
  • construction elements and advertising
  • composite panels
  • transformer components
  • parts of wind turbines
  • agriculture
    cooling towers
  • Markers for ski slopes
  • forest marker
  • window profiles
  • door frames
  • door thresholds
  • Mining rails
  • mining anchors
  • antenna
  • ladder
  • stiffening profiles
  • rods for advertising flags
  • rods for window blinds
  • electric poles
  • concrete bars
  • Ski poles
  • fences for airports
  • telescopic tubes
  • profiles for sewage treatment plants
  • road markers
  • profile dog bone
  • flat bars and rods for sailboats
  • cable channels
  • vineyards
  • rods and poles for plants