Advantages of Nanofiber composite bars

The durability and stability of concrete structures is a prerequisite for their safety, so it is important to take into account all the factors that influence them. These include, but are not limited to, reinforcement for years made with metal rods. Our carbon fiber rods are another step towards better quality.

Why composite rebars instead of metal?
Ribbed bars made of metal are not ideal for many application. The main disadvantage of this reinforcement is its corrosion susceptibility – which means that the concrete construction has limited durability. Composite rebars resemble traditional ones, but they are not susceptible to corrosion and are perfectly resistant to environmental conditions.
Utilizing the advantages of glass fiber rods, you can extend the life of a reinforced concrete structure for many years. Composite rebars are a modern, innovative solution for the construction industry of the future.
Thanks to its high flexibility and durability, the composite rebar provide high durability and lower weight also you can save on transport costs.
By choosing composite rods you will create a solid, durable and secure structure.

Resistance to corrosion and chemicals

Nanofiber composite rebars are resistant to corrosion and chemicals. These properties make Nanofiber composite rods suitable for use in marine construction, chemical plants, and in areas with aggressive chemical conditions.

No electrical conductivity

Nanofiber composite rebars do not conduct electricity so they can be used near electrical fields. With steel rods there is high electrical conductivity which causes accelerated corrosion of steel rods.

Very low thermal conductivity

Nanofiber composite rods have very low thermal conductivity, making the insulation parameters of the entire structure very good. Nanofiber composite rebars are ideal for passive construction.

No magnetic field

Nanofiber composite rebars do not interfere with the magnetic field. This is particularly important in the construction of hospitals, where there are many devices that produce magnetic fields. Steel bars can interfere with and interfere with these devices.

The durability of the structure

With the use of composite rebars, the Nanofiber extends the durability of the entire structure. The corrosion of steel bars causes the durability of all structure much shorter than in case of using composite rebars.

Lower weight of the structure

Nanofiber carbon fiber rods are 4 times lighter than steel, so the whole construction is much lighter and we can reduce the amount of concrete used. This solution give us lower cost of the entire investment.

Lower cost of transport

The low weight of the Nanofiber composite rebars results in the ability to load multiple times larger shipments than steel bars, which gives us significant savings in transport and logistics handling.