Good quality carbon fiber

Good quality carbon fiber
Nanofiber offers its customers profiles and rods made of high-tech material such as carbon fiber and other types of fibers. basalt and natural. We deal with their production and distribution, adjusting our offer to the individual needs of our Clients.

Carbon fiber – the material of the future

Carbon fiber consists of stretched carbon structures, which chemically exhibit high resemblance to graphite. The material is produced by polyacrylonitrile pyrolysis and other organic polymers and its properties make it widely used in many industries.

Carbon fiber distinguishes:

– highly structured structure – providing very good mechanical strength,
– incontinence,
– high chemical resistance,
– excellent electrical conductivity,
– High lightness with good bearing properties and strength.
That is why the material has been used in the industry – among others. wind power, aerospace, sports and construction. It is used inter alia. to build armored epoxy resin based laminates.

High carbon fiber profiles and rods

We offer a wide range of composite products. It’s mainly rods and profiles. All our products:
– are made from the highest quality materials – we use high quality carbon fiber, which guarantees the reliability of the offered solutions,
– are aligned to the standards and standards in force in the EU,
– combine the highest quality with a competitive global price,
– are created using an innovative machine park.
No matter what kind of carbon fiber composite you need – contact us and we will provide you with professional and versatile service. Working with Nanofiber is the best guarantee that you get the right product for your individual needs:
– made with the highest precision,
– in good price,
– in the shortest possible time

We also provide comprehensive technical advice – our specialists will be happy to give you the specifics of the products offered by Nanofiber and help you choose the ones that will work best for your project.

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