Marine applications and increased corrosion

Currently used steel bars mostly do not meet the requirements of an aggressive environment. Nanofiber composite rebars work well in such applications and require no additional protection

Road and bridge applications

Roads and bridges are often exposed to salt and other chemicals. Nanofiber composite rebars are excellent in such conditions, and these constructions are more durable. In addition, the use of Nanofiber composite rebars in bridge construction offer over 4 times lighter construction compared to steel rods, which is especially important for large span bridges.

Mining and tunneling applications

In mining we often encounter difficult conditions. In addition, the lower weight of Nanofiber composite rebars offer easier transport and application.

Military and specialized applications

Nanofiber composite rebars are not conductive and are excellent insulators. They also do not produce magnetic fields. This makes Nanofiber composite rods ideal for military applications, electrical engineering and medical laboratories.